Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why We're Doing This

I haven't really talked about why we're blogathoning during the 'thon itself. We're blogging for FFUR because we love kitties. FFUR saves the lives of kitties.

The head cat lady emailed me a few hours ago with updates for the site. Two of the cats we had up for adoption got adopted out recently, so I was able to move them to the "success" page.

She also told me that she recently found two kittens who will be up for adoption soon. She found them in a park near her home, sealed in a plastic bag, left to die.

If that doesn't make you sad, I don't know what will.

It's not just that there are too many cats in the world (spay and neuter, people, spay and neuter), but that humans (that's us) treat the unwanted cats and kittens so horribly. People are too lazy to bother finding a home, or taking the hour out of their day to bring them to a no-kill shelter. So they kill them, and not in a humane way. They just get rid of them any way that they can because they just don't care about life, let alone a cat's life.

I don't understand people like that. I don't understand why putting a kitten in a plastic bag and dumping it in a park wouldn't weigh on your conscience forever. But people do it every day.

We're blogging today to help prevent cats in the area from meeting such horrible fates. We know we can't save all of them, but we can save some of them, and make sure they have happy, food-filled homes where they can live out their days in comfort.


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