Sunday, July 30, 2006

Slowing Down Very Slowlike and with Much Slowness

I'm hitting that point in the night when I'm just kind of here. Mostly I feel really out of it. I keep catching myself staring off into space, and some part of me keeps getting confused and thinks the light behind me is the sunset showing up somehow...through the closed blinds, no less. And I wish I thought of getting some blogathon munchies. Silly me...who needs to eat after almost 20 hours of being awake?

Ahem. I'm whining.

I'm restless. I want to be doing something (sleeping) or to have some company (my stuffed frog and a snoozley Sarah).

And why am I listening to Bob Seger right now? Nothing like a really mellow, depressing song to pick me up, eh?



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