Sunday, July 30, 2006

Question of the (Half) Hour

How do I plan on keeping myself awake during the last 6.5 hours of the blogathon? At first, I was thinking, well, good question...I'm nigh out of Diet Coke, my favorite music is very low-key, and knitting makes me sleepy.

But then it hit me. I'm just going to follow the same method I did when I procrastinated a bit too long on finishing a book for C.Lit (Contemporary Lit, for those who didn't read the blog or know me back then)--I won't yawn. You would be amazed at how effective a method that is for me in not getting too sleepy. Sure, I'm tired, but as long as I swallow my yawns, I don't get sleepy and weepy and cross-eyed.

Additionally, I'm actually enjoying knitting the mousies. And I get to listen to whatever music I want. And Jimmy is keeping me company. So it's not so bad. Let's hope things stay that way.


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