Sunday, July 30, 2006

But a Few Moments

It is officially morning in Philly. It's astonishing the difference that three hours can make on this street. We live right in the middle of Center City, and on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, as soon as the bars let out, it's crazy loud and insane outside. We get a LOT of 'Oh no you di'n't!' type fights on this block between the very flamey boys (we're in the Gayborhood) and the diva sistahs, so there's frequently drunken screaming of a very bitchy nature. A couple weeks ago upon arriving home very very late, we walked past a big pile of someone's weave sitting in front of the shop next door to our building. Skeavy! For some reason, HUGE crowds of people congregate around the corner of our block, and we're really perplexed as to why.

Fast forward to the six o'clock hour, and you hear overhead the first northbound airplanes flying out of Philly International. Right now, there's a person being airlifted to or from a hospital nearby. And the buses are running again en masse, even though it's a Sunday morning, and no one has to be anywhere for a while. If this had been a weekday, the past two-plus hours would have been filled with a chorus of garbage trucks emptying dumpsters, and shortly, they would be joined by jack-hammering and construction on this block and the next up.

It's just interesting to notice how brief the span between the end of night and the beginning of day really is.

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At July 20, 2009 7:34 PM, Blogger Mariss said...

How great of that sponsor! You gals are doing a great thing here :)

I also wanted to say thanks for the great idea regarding things in people's knitting bags, and your sweet comments. Take care - Krista!



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