Saturday, July 29, 2006

Planning to Take Over the World Make Quiche

I think I'm totally going to make a quiche in a few minutes for Sarah. She deserves a really tasty breakfast, and I used to make special morning nibblies for her back in the day. I'm going to be heading out with a friend to wander around Chinatown this afternoon, so a lovely meal will no doubt be a happy start to the blogathon. Woot! Maybe I'll even finally cut up those waterlemons. See, I'm supposed to be waking her up in a few minutes. But I think I'll let her snoozle a bit longer and then wake her up when food is in the making. That sounds much better.

And then I'll bathe. Mmmm....cleanliness. Apparently, it's supposed to be like 95 degrees in the city today, and I get to wander around. Let me tell you how much I love the sunshine:


Ah yes.



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