Saturday, July 29, 2006

Computer Issues

Well, I was going to put away the laundry during this last half-hour, but instead I futzed with the computer because I've been having problems (see this metafilter post for details and, hopefully, suggestions on how I can fix it).

We had a crash last month, and it took me a couple weeks to get all the freelance stuff back the way it was supposed to be. I can't deal with that again. I don't know what the dialog boxes want me to do, but none of my spyware/adaware/virus finders found anything. And I'm so very hesitant to uninstall Norton like the dialog tells me to do, because as soon as I do that, BAM! the viruses will crash my computer again.

I have a feeling bit torrent may have fucked us, because that's the only thing we've installed this week and these boxes started popping up this week. I just want them to go away and to not fuck up my computer AGAIN. Any suggestions are MORE than welcome.


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